Crypto Leaders Divided Over Zuckerberg Spearheading Meta

Meta’s leadership has become a subject to constant debates as crypto leaders have dissenting views as per who should lead the affairs of the company. While some are backing Mark Zuckerberg as the only one who can drive the company forward, others say he must step down for Meta to succeed.

Crypto Leaders Debate Over Meta’s Leadership

Hodl Asset’s Jenny Ta has weighed in on the leadership debate at Meta. According to the veteran Wall Street self-made millionaire and seasoned entrepreneur, Zuckerberg must step down so that he can have a clean slate for Meta. Jenny Ta insists that Meta must have a new CEO running the affairs of the company.

Ta who is presently the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of nonfungible token (NFT) platform developer Hodl Assets, maintains that Zuckerberg needs to squarely face the lawsuits up against him and protect the image of the company, suggesting that he can only do this by stepping down from his role as CEO.

Meanwhile, the chair and co-founder of blockchain game and virtual property developer Animoca Brands, Yat Siu has a differing opinion. Siu believes that Zuckerberg is a “force of nature”, and the only one who can drive the company forward. Siu also says Zuckerberg can surely make Meta’s vision a reality — but that he hopes he chooses a decentralized model.

These comments came on the heels of Facebook’s recent rebranding to Meta, as the firm continues seeking for ways to provide a platform where creators would be able to build virtual online businesses. The firm is also aiming to launch its virtual reality hardware business “Reality Labs” ahead of creating the Metaverse.

What To Do

Comparisons have now been made with Zuckerberg’s present situation and Bill Gates’ in the early 2000s.

Back when Bill Gates was still the CEO of Microsoft, the government went really hard after him for some reason. There were various lawsuits until the moment he decided to step down in other to save the company. Interestingly, it worked.


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